Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cloud to Ground Interesting

First Congregational Church

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Dusk setting on the town of Pelham, NH...


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West Pond, Parsonsfield, Maine.

Heading back across the pond for home as the sun sets.

Sunday night sky

Sunday night sky by Ali Crehan
Sunday night sky, a photo by Ali Crehan on Flickr.

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West Pond, Parsonsfield, Maine.

While paddling on West Pond today I stopped to rest near a big Maple tree than has fallen over towards the pond but it is still very much alive and growing.


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Porter, Maine.

The clouds just after sunset viewed from Black Lake overlook today.

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Ballardvale Bridge HDR; Andover, MA August 2012

Watching A Beautiful Sunset

Watching A Beautiful Sunset by KAM918
Watching A Beautiful Sunset, a photo by KAM918 on Flickr.

Covered Bridge in Jackson, NH

Covered Bridge in Jackson, NH by KAM918
Covered Bridge in Jackson, NH, a photo by KAM918 on Flickr.

Moot Point

Moot Point by KAM918
Moot Point, a photo by KAM918 on Flickr.

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Thanks to my sister for pointing out the pun!

Kennebunk Sunset

Kennebunk Sunset by technodad
Kennebunk Sunset, a photo by technodad on Flickr.

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sunset over Gooch's Creek.

Crops and clouds

Crops and clouds by Barbara L. Slavin
Crops and clouds, a photo by Barbara L. Slavin on Flickr.

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Callahan Park on an August evening.

White shirt and white clouds

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Callahan Park on an August evening.


Rockport by sdowen
Rockport, a photo by sdowen on Flickr.


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West Pond, Parsonsfield, Maine.

West Pond Panorama.

About 11:30 AM. the sky's cleared and the sun broke through, the humidity dropped from 89% down to a tolerable 57%, looks like the day is improving.

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Early morning in Belfast Harbor, Maine

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Early morning in Belfast Harbor, Maine

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Cornish, Maine.

Hessian Hill.

No view of a sunset today because of thunder storms rolling through the area, these storms and high humidity every day are getting very old now.


2012_0816Sunset0011 by maineman152 (Lou)
2012_0816Sunset0011, a photo by maineman152 (Lou) on Flickr.

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Cornish, Maine.

Sunset view from Highland Farm today.

( With Minor processing to reduce the noise.)


beached by lucy.loomis
beached, a photo by lucy.loomis on Flickr.


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Cornish, Maine.

The view from Hessian Hill today of yet more clouds and distant storms, some where just showers while other where more serious thunder storms dropping more large amounts of rain over our well watered area, these daily storms have been going on now for the best part of a month and a half and we sure could use a bit of drying out even though most of the country is in a severe drought right now.


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West Pond, Parsonsfield, Maine.

I've been seeing a lot of Monarch Butterflies over the past few day's, looks like there annual migration has started in earnest.

This little beauty stopped by our flowers today for some nectar.


coyote by tbone51558
coyote, a photo by tbone51558 on Flickr.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Night Cap

Night Cap by Mr. David W. Runyan II
Night Cap, a photo by Mr. David W. Runyan II on Flickr.

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Sunset tonight wasn't terribly colorful or vibrant, but it was artistic and soothing in a subtle way. Glad I attended.

Lake Ellis, Athol Massachusetts.

The USS Constitution foundering in heavy trees.

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Sailing the sylvan seas

Fun fact: The Bunker Hill Monument stands atop Breed's Hill in Charlestown, MA.


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Cornish, Maine.

Sunset from Hessian Hill today.

Ominous Clouds

Ominous Clouds by ghinson
Ominous Clouds, a photo by ghinson on Flickr.

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© J. Greg Hinson, MD

north sunset 8.13.12

north sunset 8.13.12 by tbone51558
north sunset 8.13.12, a photo by tbone51558 on Flickr.

Silver Sunrise at Silver Lake

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Silver lake lived up to its name again this morning.


Boats by debthepicturelady
Boats, a photo by debthepicturelady on Flickr.

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Martha's Vineyard


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Cornish, Maine.

View from Hessian Hill of the storms that where rolling across the valley from the South East all day.


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Parsonsfield, Maine.

Thunder Storms racked the area most of the day, wasn't sure if I would be able to get any sunset photos at all due to the heavy downpours, got lucky though and managed a few shots through the storm clouds.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Far from Home

Far from Home by Peter E. Lee
Far from Home, a photo by Peter E. Lee on Flickr.

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A Red-Billed, Black-Bellied Whistling Duck enjoys some R&R far from home in the Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge in Concord, MA.

I was walking through the refuge this morning when I saw several birders talking excitedly about seeing this duck. One of the NWR staff were kind enough to show me a good vantage point and even lent me his binoculars to take a look. I got this shot a little later when the duck had moved to a more photographically accessible location.

Apparenly this species is native to Texas and Florida, but are very rarely seen in New England. This little guy has been here for several days now, which is even more unusual.

Mount Chocorua Panoramic

Mount Chocorua Panoramic by Dan_Gaedeke
Mount Chocorua Panoramic, a photo by Dan_Gaedeke on Flickr.


_DSC8728 by Dan_Gaedeke
_DSC8728, a photo by Dan_Gaedeke on Flickr.

One Morning in Boston

One Morning in Boston by Harry Lipson
One Morning in Boston, a photo by Harry Lipson on Flickr.

Dark Skies HDR

Dark Skies HDR by brooksbos - OFF
Dark Skies HDR, a photo by brooksbos - OFF on Flickr.

A Berlin Summer Evening

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This 16-35mm lens is invaluable. One of my favorite lenses for sure. Stunning wide views and clarity in every shot.


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West Pond, Parsonsfield, Maine.

Had no sunset today because of thick clouds on the horizon but to the East we had these strange looking clouds, maybe "wave" clouds trying to form, I'm not sure.


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Cornish, Maine.

While having a cup of coffee at D&D in Cornish this evening a rainbow appear in the wake of a distant thunder storm.


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Kayaking the Ossipee River.

Took a seven mile paddle down the Ossipee River from Kezar Fall to Cornish today, had to beach on a small rocky island about two miles before take out to wait out a passing thunder storm.

lightning over sandy neck

lightning over sandy neck by lucy.loomis
lightning over sandy neck, a photo by lucy.loomis on Flickr.

evening comes

evening comes by lucy.loomis
evening comes, a photo by lucy.loomis on Flickr.

Baseball on a July evening

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Baseball at Bowdtich Field on a Tuesday night in July