Thursday, January 30, 2014

130 | 365

130 | 365 by americanadian_8
130 | 365, a photo by americanadian_8 on Flickr.

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Frozen - A view from Dracut this evening over a bench. A nice small body of water located in the center of town called Lake Mascuppic. I came to this exact spot yesterday to achieve this although with the overcast sky and dullness I ended up selecting the red wheel photo.


DSC00824 by sarahebourne
DSC00824, a photo by sarahebourne on Flickr.

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Holes in the clouds

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sunrise from Great Island Common, New Castle, NH

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Whaleback Lighthouse in the distance.


Asymmetrical Moon

Asymmetrical Moon by KAM918
Asymmetrical Moon, a photo by KAM918 on Flickr.

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The I Have To Shoot What?! Challenge for Week 4: Asymmetrical

Nothing like a half moon so bright so early in the morning...

Mt. Monadnock

Mt. Monadnock by lotterhand
Mt. Monadnock, a photo by lotterhand on Flickr.

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Seen from Kidder Mtn. New Ipswich, NH


Electricity  by lotterhand
Electricity , a photo by lotterhand on Flickr.

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View from Kidder Mtn. New Ipswich, NH. Summit conditions: nine degrees--about 10 below with wind chill.

Captured Drift.

Captured Drift. by lotterhand
Captured Drift., a photo by lotterhand on Flickr.

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Summit of Mt. Moosilauke, NH

Boston Public Garden Pond and Back Bay Skyline during the Blue Hour

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Took this at night with an 8mm fisheye on my crop frame for an effective 13mm.

frosted window pane

frosted window pane by Genny164
frosted window pane, a photo by Genny164 on Flickr.

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On the way to the ferry, I happened to notice the windows were frosted on a business that was closed for the winter. What a treat it was to have nature's artwork to photograph!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dionis Beach, Summer Squall

Dionis Beach, Summer Squall by ghinson
Dionis Beach, Summer Squall, a photo by ghinson on Flickr.


DSC00654 by sarahebourne
DSC00654, a photo by sarahebourne on Flickr.

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Blue morning, with quarter moon


DSC00633 by sarahebourne
DSC00633, a photo by sarahebourne on Flickr.

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TUNDRA at Town Beach 655 am 1-23-2014

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A Morning Sunrise from The "Tundra" at Town Beach - West Island, Thursday, January 23, 2014. The temperature at 7:18 AM was 9.5 degrees with a wind chill of -4.28 degrees below zero. The wind was out of the NW at 10 with a gust to 20MPH. The dew point is extremely dry at -2 below zero. The upper level clouds are mostly high cirrus made up of ice crystals. Icing has begun building up along the shoreline - although they say salt water freezes at 28, it's actually 17 degrees. More storm action on the horizon - this winter isn't even half way through and neither is the brutal cold air mass that won't give us any significant break. We are actually colder than Alaska right now. Photo from WIWS Axis Cam at South Point 655AM 1-23-2014.

The Morning After A Nor'easter.

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The Millicent Library is framed by the entrance arch to the Fairhaven Town Hall at 9AM, Wednesday, January 22, 2014.The area was fully prepared as a second nor'easter of the year impacted the region dumping 8" of snow in Fairhaven and 9.5" in Acushnet, Wednesday. Local schools were closed and some businesses had delayed openings. The area faired well with the light textured snow and it was easy to shovel and plow. Most of the roadways were cleared by daybreak with a few minor accidents reported. A wind gust of 33 MPH was recorded at The West Island Weather Station while areas further down the Cape experienced gusts to 50+ MPH with significantly more snow of 15 inches or more. The storm headed out to sea later in the morning. The cold arctic air left in place is expected to last into the weekend with yet another potential snow event being discussed for Monday.

Vibrant Steeple Sunrise

Vibrant Steeple Sunrise by KAM918
Vibrant Steeple Sunrise, a photo by KAM918 on Flickr.

Children and dogs

Children and dogs by Barbara L. Slavin
Children and dogs, a photo by Barbara L. Slavin on Flickr.

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Playing at Callahan State Park on Monday, January 20, 2014.


January by lotterhand
January, a photo by lotterhand on Flickr.

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Summit of Mt. Watatic. Ashburnham, MA

Snowy tree branches near sunset in Portsmouth, NH

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Snowy branches in Portsmouth, NH

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The Snowy Owl

The Snowy Owl by KAM918
The Snowy Owl, a photo by KAM918 on Flickr.

Along the Squamscott River in Exeter, New Hampshire

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DSC00608 by sarahebourne
DSC00608, a photo by sarahebourne on Flickr.

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DSC00581 by sarahebourne
DSC00581, a photo by sarahebourne on Flickr.

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93 | 365

93 | 365 by americanadian_8
93 | 365, a photo by americanadian_8 on Flickr.

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Nubble Lighthouse - Crashing waves into the rocks at Cape Neddick in Maine...I for whatever reason have been obsessed with going there to get a few shots before I did. This photo isn't really the photo I was going for as my day picture but I chose it because it's a lot more dramatic than the other. Not to mention today was a bad day to go because it was raining and such but this scene here represents the a classic east coast scene in my opinion...

Mid Winter Sunset Over River

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It was very cold right after a storm and the sunset sky was streaked and actually looked like this. This was taken a minute or two after the following Flickr picture taken over the marsh and is processed to be more serene and show off the sunset colors.


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~Moonkissed~ After we had a lot of freezing rain here in Maine, Moe Chen Photography and I headed to the Saco Heath to search for some cool ice covered trees to shoot for sunrise. When we arrived we found out that not only was our part of the state spared the majority of the freezing rain that had SLAMMED the rest of the state, but it was pretty cloudy and sunrise was looking grim. Luckily the moon was out and bright. I used the moon to silhouette this tree and emphasize the ice on the branches. I would appreciate it if you shared this. If you enjoyed this, check out my work at

116 | 365

116 | 365 by americanadian_8
116 | 365, a photo by americanadian_8 on Flickr.

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Mother Nature Working OT - Tonight's display was outstanding...and I was so happy with the outcome. I actually had time to stop and actually watch the sunset instead of spending all my time capturing it. The sky kept changing color and got more and more brilliant orange as the sun went into the horizon. I was searching in Windham for a spot and knew that I wanted Cobbetts Pond...and I found the perfect location as I wasn't really expecting the sunset to be quite like this. Maybe tonight's sunset was just for me so I could get a day pic? I don't think so but I'll pretend it was.

Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, Plum Island, Massachusetts

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Plum Island Lighthouse, Newburyport, Massachusetts

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Plum Island Lighthouse, Newburyport, Massachusetts

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The Neponset River at Granite Ave

Boston Bokeh Balls over Decayed Pilings and Inner Harbor, Carlton's Wharf East Boston

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Lights of North End and Charlestown Navy Yard from East Boston. Midpoint between tides at dawn, Sigma 50mm EX DG HSM 1.4, shot wide open at ISO 200.

Blue Hills Weather Observatory

Moonrise over Boston Neighborhood of Brighton at Dusk, Comm Ave and Washington

Wellfleet, Cape Cod Photography

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Wellfleet Town In Winter. Black and White photography of Wellfleet, Massachusetts, Cape Cod 2014 snowfall photo by © Dapixara.

Boston Skyline during Blue Hour from Carlton Wharf East Boston, 2 Minute Exposure

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Another shot from yesterday with my friends from Paris. I actually shot an HDR, but it looked way to artificial and I prefer this clean 120 second exposure.

Daytime Long Exposure of Boston Skyline from Carlton's Wharf, East Boston

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50-second exposure taken before noon from the remnants of Carlton's Wharf in East Boston. Found this really cool bolt that was worn down to the tip from the sea, which I thought complemented the dilapidated pylons.


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North Conway, New Hampshire.

The Eastern Slope of Mount Washington as seen looking up the Saco River from North Conway today.

Cool Burn

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Here is another from the cold morning I spent capturing sea smoke. It really is a stunning sight to behold and you quickly forget how cold you are. If you haven't yet, check out the blog about my experiences with a neat video at the end.

Boston Skyline from Lo Presti Park Pier, East Boston Early Morning ND Long Exposure

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Did another Carlton's Wharf session the other morning. I arrived at 4:45 AM and got a bunch of shots through sunrise. When I was driving away I saw that the sun finally popped over the horizon and was hitting the buildings with a great warm light. I turned around and went back, figured I would get a clean ND shot off of the pier at Lo Presti park as a bonus.

Boston Skyline over the Harbor at Sunset, Carlton Wharf East Boston

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Three shot HDR taken with a B+W 3.0ND 110 filter. I took these long exposures with a high ISO and found that it really brought out the warm cast of the filter and enhanced the sunset.

Mid Winter Sunset Over the Marsh

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It was very cold right after a storm and the sunset sky was streaked and actually looked like this. Taken just before the previous Flickr picture taken over a river this one is processed to highlight the sky and clouds.

Boston Skyline with Orange Sunset, Carlton's Wharf East Boston, B+W 3.0ND 110

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Can't get enough of this spot. The brief lighting hitting the tops of the leading line of dilapidated pilings to the left made this one for me.

Neponset after the freeze

Neponset after the freeze by B.MacLean
Neponset after the freeze, a photo by B.MacLean on Flickr.

Winter Roads

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A River Runs through it..

A River Runs through it.. by B.MacLean
A River Runs through it.., a photo by B.MacLean on Flickr.

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The Neponset River on 1/6/2014 before the big freeze.


DSC00422 by sarahebourne
DSC00422, a photo by sarahebourne on Flickr.

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From inside, it's a beautiful day in Boston. Outside, it's 14F and very windy. Inside is better.

Spring Thaw

Spring Thaw by ghinson
Spring Thaw, a photo by ghinson on Flickr.


DSC00394 by sarahebourne
DSC00394, a photo by sarahebourne on Flickr.

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Foggy morning in Boston

Radiant Orchid Mist

Radiant Orchid Mist by Jim Salge
Radiant Orchid Mist, a photo by Jim Salge on Flickr.

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Before sunrise on this frigid morning in New Castle, New Hampshire, the ocean, covered in sea smoke turned a beautiful shade of purple. The way the light changed over the next hour was one of the most beautiful things I've seen in the natural world!